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  • How much does it cost?
    Each one semester course costs $600 per student. The fee includes the textbook, though further materials may be needed to be purchased based on the course and its requirements. Total cost can be paid either at one time or via a payment plan. If choosing the payment plan option, a non-refundable deposit of $150 is due at enrollment.
  • Can students take courses that are not offered at their school?
    YES! The beauty of TapIntoEDU allows for students across the entire state to earn credits in subject areas that may not be available in a physical school or location of the state. This helps provide an equal opportunity for all students and builds knowledge and appreciation for diversity within the community and state.
  • Can students and schools outside of Nebraska enroll in courses?
    YES! The focus is on Nebraska standards, but courses are aligned with the Common Core standards as well (when applicable). The more we can help meet the needs of our schools and students, the better!!
  • What makes TapIntoEDU different from other online course programs?
    TapIntoEDU is taught by Nebraska certified teachers, follows Nebraska curriculum standards, and counts for high school credits. Educators and students are expected to communicate consistently throughout the course and on occasion meet synchronously as a class.
  • What benefit does TapIntoEDU provide for the schools in the state?
    With the pressing educator shortage, it is becoming increasingly difficult to fully staff schools and continue to offer programs and courses in various academic areas. TapIntoEDU provides certified teachers for students across the state and allows schools to offer courses that may otherwise have been eliminated.
  • How do I enroll in a course?
    Public and private school students, talk to your school counselor about enrolling in a TapIntoEDU course. Your district can enroll you in a course based on the number of seats they have made available for the TapIntoEDU program. Homeschool students, talk to your parents and/or homeschool cooperative about enrolling in a TapIntoEDU course. Have an adult reach out to secure your enrollment in a course.
  • Why should I take courses through TapIntoEDU?
    Digital learning is expected of nearly all higher education students and employees. Experiencing online learning in a structured and supported environment will help you build skills in organization and time management. We will help you learn how to be a self-starter and how to communicate in a professional and timely manner. You will also be taking courses that are interesting to you! Whether it be for a future career or educational growth, you will learn applicable skills and have the opportunity to work with members of your community to be a part of something bigger.
  • Can I take courses that my school does not offer and still earn high school credit?
    YES! The beauty of TapIntoEDU allows for students across the entire state to earn credits in subject areas that may not be available in a brick-and-mortar school. This helps to provide an equal opportunity for all students and build knowledge and appreciation for diversity within the community and state.
  • I am what?
    Now you wait for your instructor to contact you with details about the course! Your instructor will provide a syllabus, expectations, an introductory information. You will be given a link to the course and will be able to start exploring soon! You can always reach out with questions to!
  • How many classes can I take?
    All students must be enrolled at least half-time in a state approved school. TapIntoEDU course allotments increase as students continue through their education. Each semester, freshmen can enroll in one course, sophomores can enroll in two courses, juniors can enroll in three courses, and seniors can enroll in four TapIntoEDU courses.
  • What roles are available within the TapIntoEDU organization?
    Course Developer Educators hired as course developers will work with the founder, instructional designer, and schools to develop a CTE course that can be a fully engaging online course, aligning with NDE CTE standards, and meeting the NDE course requirements for the schools to remain in good standing with NDE rules. Course developers will work directly in the learning management system, integrating the textbook software and resources to develop a quality course. Course developers will provide a framework for the course they create with flexibility and options available for the course instructor to adapt to their own teaching style and the needs of the students. Course developers will provide assignment, assessment, and activity suggestions for the Course instructor that align with and meet content standards. Each course developed will be reviewed by both the founder and the instructional designer before integration into the TapIntoEDU course options. Course Instructor Educators working as course instructors will work with the founder, instructional designer, course developer, and schools to teach the enrolled students the course content. Within each course, instructors will be expected to integrate assessments and/or activities that focus in on the TapIntoEDU pillar of equity by exploring the topic of diversity as it relates to the group of students enrolled in each course and from a broader aspect as well. Course instructors will be the teacher of record listed on each school’s course offerings and will be the first line of contact for students and schools in evaluating students’ course progression and completion. Course instructors must hold a valid standard or professional Nebraska teaching certificate within the appropriate endorsement area for each course being taught. Work-Based Learning Instructor Educators holding the work-based learning instructor title within TapIntoEDU will have experience with work-based learning and will instruct and guide students enrolled in the apprenticeship and internship courses. They will work with the CTE specialists and will be in direct communication with the schools and the site locations to ensure all course and work-based learning standards are being met and students are receiving positive experiences. Work-based learning instructors must hold a valid standard or professional Nebraska teaching certificate with a work-based learning endorsement. WBL experience is preferred.
  • Can I teach for TapIntoEDU if I do not live in Nebraska?
    Anyone that holds a valid standard or professional Nebraska teaching certificate in an appropriate endorsement area is eligible to teach for TapIntoEDU. You must have a reliable internet connection and be available for student assistance as needed.
  • Can I teach for TapIntoEDU?
    If you have a valid Nebraska standard or professional Nebraska teaching certificate in one of the CTE endorsement areas, you are welcome to contact us and see if we have openings. We are seeking educators that want to work part-time, have left the classroom but miss teaching, or want to work from home and teach multiple classes and/or sections all online! You must have a passion for equity, experience with online education, and be intentional about helping our students be prepared for their next steps. We encourage innovation and seek instructors dedicated to the future. Think this is for you? Let us know at
  • What endorsement areas are needed to teach a Nebraska CTE course?
    While there are several course options held within the CTE strands, there are specific endorsements that one must hold and have listed on their teaching certificate to meet Nebraska Department of Education requirements. By searching for your endorsement on the NDE Course Codes site, you can see which courses you are eligible to teach in Nebraska and potentially for TapIntoEDU! We will be seeking educators to design and/or teach the following courses with the following potential implementation dates: Fall 2024 Foundations of Computing (BMIT, Math, or Info Tech endorsement required) Intro to Education and Training (ANY endorsement) Spring 2025 Computer Science Principles (BMIT, Math, or Info Tech endorsement required) Best Practices in Education and Training (ANY endorsement) Fall 2025 Computer Science A (Math, or Info Tech endorsement required) Education and Training Practicum (ANY endorsement, WBL preferred) Child Development (FCS endorsement required) Spring 2026 Work-Based Learning Experience (WBL endorsement required)
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