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The idea for TapIntoEDU came about during the early days of the COVID pandemic amidst the frantic shift to online learning for K-12 schools. This shift brought to light both the opportunities and difficulties of online education. It also displayed how many teachers and students could thrive in a remote educational environment. TapIntoEDU makes remote learning mainstream, accessible to all students, and adaptive to the needs of students and teachers in this technological world. TapIntoEDU provides online coursework for high schools to offer students across the entire state of Nebraska while still enrolled in their local school district/system, thus allowing students access to school resources such as food services, counseling services, and social work services. It also provides course options for homeschool families and cooperatives to enhance their current course offerings. TapIntoEDU contracts with Nebraska certified educators to develop and teach courses focused on the Nebraska Department of Education's Career and Technical Education Pathways. The curriculum aligns with Nebraska state standards and offers high quality, interactive materials for students and instructors to work with. TapIntoEDU helps schools fill gaps from the teacher-shortage strain, offers educators a chance to remain in the profession in a less-stressed format, and provides students with opportunities to work with the communities through internships focused on the Career and Technical Education pathways.

TapIntoEDU believes every student deserves the opportunity to explore future interests, experience high-quality online learning, and take an active role within their community.  

Our Mission

What We Do

Through our pillars of equity, education, and opportunity, we strive to offer schools, students, and communities the ability to educate and build the workforce of tomorrow by tapping into the educational and technological advancements of today.


  • high school students across the nation can enroll​

  • schools and communities can purchase seats for students

  • shared instruction helps alleviate teacher shortage concerns


  • focused on the Nebraska CTE Pathways

  • taught by certified educators 

  • designed by certified educators 

  • aligned with Nebraska state standards

  • guided introduction to online courses & self-monitoring


  • broad internship/apprenticeship course options​

  • flexible course schedules to accommodate all students 

  • schools can offer students multiple CTE Pathways 


Our Core Values


We are a solution focused group that works to break the mold of traditional education. We inspire people to see beyond their present circumstances and think big picture.


We are committed to caring for the whole person, school, community, and state. We are dedicated to partnerships and empowering students to see themselves as a part of the bigger picture for the greater good.


We are comprised of honest, humble educators that are passionate about helping others see beyond the predictable. We commend positive thinking and encourage open communication from all.


We are a team that emphasizes using strengths and incorporating high expectations at every level. We provide intentional experiences based on high-quality standards and educating with energy and action.


Hello, my name is

Dr. April Buschelman

Founder & CEO

of Teacher Education. Through these roles, I worked closely with the state department of education, helped schools navigate the rules of certification, guided students on their journeys to become educators, and showed numerous students in the classroom and online the beauty of mathematics. It is through these varied positions, that I was able to view Nebraska education through several lenses. This broad knowledge base highlighted the excellent educational systems and programs Nebraska has and inspired me to take a leap and assist schools in bringing quality, online education to all students across the entire state. 

I have been in the education realm since 2006 and feel a passion for making a difference and maximizing potential. I am a proud graduate of Wayne High School in Wayne, Nebraska and had fabulous role models displaying how to be an excellent educator. Before founding TapIntoEDU, I taught high school mathematics and collegiate statistics, had a brief stint as a homeschool educator, and taught education courses for both Creighton University and the University of Nebraska Omaha. I have experience as the Creighton University Education Department's Director of Certification and served on the Executive Committee for the Nebraska Association of Colleges

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