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Nebraska Focused


Courses are taught by certified Nebraska educators and aligned with the Nebraska Department of Education's subject area standards. Students can enroll through any registered homeschool or participating school system in the state of Nebraska. Earn high school credit and expand student horizons by learning from others enrolled across the state.

Career & Technical Education Pathways


All TapIntoEDU courses are within the Nebraska Department of Education's Career & Technical Education Pathways. Students have the opportunity to complete full pathways (4 courses) and gain a head-start towards nationally recognized certifications, career success, or higher education. 

Community Involvement


Each pathway culminates in a final apprenticeship course made possible through community partnerships. Local business owners and companies can help students learn about the real-world applications of their pathways and earn valuable experience within a business setting ranging from career and communication skills to the more tangible product management and development.


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